Meet and Greets / Game Nights  

Tara4FunFL 50F  
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2/14/2018 7:24 am
Meet and Greets / Game Nights

I get lots of requests to meet guys, and honestly, there is no way I could meet everyone who asks. So, I have what I call my "Tara Fun Nights" which is basically a meet and greet type evening where I will meet anyone who shows up and wants to buy me a drink at a local pub. I also like to play games like this....

"Win my Panties" I post where I will be and give out a password. The first guy who finds me and has the password wins my panties on the spot and gets to remove them.

"Rent my remote" I have a remote control vibe, and during the meet and greet, you can rent the remote. or maybe win it in a bet.

"Button Betting" I wear a dress that has buttons completely up the front. We make a bet. You win, you get to unbutton a button and I take a shot. If you lose, I re button a button and you buy a round.

And of course I am always looking for other games. So feel free to make a suggestion.

Do a search for "Tarasfunnights" for more details.


coachwhip09 62M  
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2/14/2018 8:29 am

I love those ideas, what a great way to enjoy a night out getting acquainted.

John324864 69M
702 posts
2/14/2018 9:02 am

Sounds like a great way to bad you're so far away.

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