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The Committe   1/7/2018

She really hated having to work with him on this committee. She liked him but not working with him. He was nice and everything and he treated her and all people on the committee with respect but fo

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ghost story-final chapter   1/3/2018

She paused, sat back, tipped her head again, fingertips pressed lightly on my chest. My dick flexed in her cunt but I knew it was contracting. "Maybe. I don't know." She leaned forwar

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ghost story Part Three   1/3/2018

Annie and I normally sleep naked, which has been extremely frustrating for me over the recent as she would rarely let me have sex with her. When I would touch her, she would flinch; that became a hu

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ghost story Part Two   1/1/2018

I turned around and picked up my clothes. When I turned back, she and her clothes were gone as if she had never really been there at all. An hour later Annie arrived home and, as usual, stomped th

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Ghost Story- Part One   1/1/2018

I was in my late twenties and living with my girlfriend at the time. We had rented out a house on the condition it was a rent to own. The current owners were a real estate company who were having pr

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She had a surprise   1/1/2018

He could not wait to get back to the hotel after the first day of the conference. His latest message on the cell said there would be a surprise for him. He had to sit through two speakers before he

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Early Morning   12/30/2017

Early morning and I feel you leave the bed. A breeze blows through the slightly opened window. It is only 6:00am and yet you rise. I roll onto my back and start to drift. I feel your presence and

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Beautiful   12/30/2017

“My god your beautiful” as he looked at the stunning woman laying naked on the bed. He always told her that and he meant it. She was beautiful with her ebon hair and perfect lips, perfect for ki

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A real Fantasy   12/28/2017

I don't care what anybody begins at forty. Well, my life actually began when I met Bob. After failed marriages to men who were less than imaginative in bed Bob came as a very pleasur

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Sales Call Part 2   12/28/2017

"I knew you were in too good shape to be a once and d," Abby said. "Normally, once is enough for me. But you are too sexy for that," he replied. She maintained her grip on his

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Sales Call   12/27/2017

Sales calls for major companies can be so intimidating. The ones who know what to do are never involved. With a hunch, Abby called her main office and asked for someone who could help her close a de

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